How I lost 3 grand?


Yes, the title says it; I lost 3 grand within the blink of an eye. Now you guys must be thinking “are you crazy”,”you dumb/stupid?” Well truth be told I literally skipped a heart beat. I can’t even describe to you how I felt, in my mind I thought it was the right thing to do and you shall know why.

Me and my cousins gathered to play poker to see who can win. I’ve been lucky in recent times as I won last time with a lot of bluffs as nobody can read me nor my actions as I like to change the way I present myself on the table every time I play. Well as there were 5 of us playing nobody knew how the game will be played as the cards unpredictable in terms what cards will be given; one hour into the game someone went out, how? Reckless betting won’t get you anywhere, sure it scares off opponents but if someone catches your bluff and you call “all in” (meaning putting all your chips into play) and the other person matches it and they end up winning, you end losing and being out of the game. Within 30 minutes another person went out, how? Well the person wasn’t getting the cards in their hand and therefore couldn’t play, when the person tried to bluff, it failed. Soon there was 3 of us left.

Now this bit gets interesting; as I got out the person in a flush with a high card ace I stacked up well over 4 grand and was the chip leader. The cards were dealt; in my hand I got a 3 and 5 different suited which was fine as in my mind I straight it possible if the cards came out. In the flop (3 cards are dealt, shown up) two 3’s appeared and a 8. Straight away I got three of a kind and I told myself “right, its your game, bet heavy and you’ll wipe out someone.” As I did bet heavy one person folded leaving me and my cousin, which he called my bet. The turn came and it was  queen which didn’t affect me; but I still bet more and once again he called. The final card had been dealt which was a King which once again had no affect on me. I checked seeing the opponents move; which he put in 500. In my mind I thought he was bluffing so instead of calling his 500, I called all in which was well over 4000. He called and he asked me to reveal my cards and as I did I had an adrenaline rush inside me thinking I’ve won a huge pot but I was proven wrong as he also had a 3 and a 8 which meant full house for him.

Seeing he couldn’t match my call I gave him what he had which was over 3000. I was absolutely gutted, I literally can’t explain how I felt but I was glad as the same time it wasn’t money I was playing with, it was poker chips. This taught be a lesson, you shouldn’t give in too quickly into something not knowing the outcome, should take your time and do things wisely. Lucky it was with chips, if it was with money I wouldn’t be here. However I still was in the game and started to play with cautiously and next thing you know, I got well over 7000 chips as I knocked my cousin who took my 3000 grand worth of chips. Me and the opponent decided to call it a draw as it could of gone on for a good period amount of time.


How Creative are you?

ganesh drawing by Reema

Being creative is a beneficial talent to have. It leads you to great success in life which will make people realize your talent. I would love to say I’m really creative but I’m not as creative as I would like to be but one day I would love to be creative. The picture you can see is Ganesh (Hindu God, known as the one with the elephant head). A good friend of mine designed this picture for her art coursework which got her an A. This is one primary example of creativeness. Another example will be the creativeness will be a music artists who have the ability to sing and write up their own music. Will-I-Am is a prime example for this matter.

For me, I would love to play the guitar one day and I’m planning to learn it in the Summer. For me it will become a hobby as I always desired to play it and one day I will hopefully be able to composite a song. Will I be able to achieve it? We shall see in the summer, but for now, its all about taking step by step to become a creative person. Tell me how creative you’re and what are your hidden talents?

What car do you want?




You see people driving cars everywhere; to the shop, school, work, seeing your friends and many more reasons why people drive a car. For me its been a long dream to achieve my target to drive a car and cause “road rage” but the thrill of driving always gets to me. I currently drive a car which manages only 86 bhp (break horse power) which is quite low (for me personally) but for some it might be ideal as you can’t speed due to road limits, camera etc….

The picture shown above is a Jaguar XF… It might not mean anything to other than a car but for me it is in my list of cars which I desire. This car at first when I saw attracted to me for its finishing designs and comfort which I can see myself on day driving it, whether it is rented. bought or borrowed. Many people have dreams to buy their dream car which at times may seem ridiculous because of the price of the car and will it manage the UK’s narrow roads? People wish to have the Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Bentley’s and more, but what they don’t consider is that will it benefit them in a long term? For me this car can benefit me on a long term because its 5 door car, decent boot size, comfortable and good mpg (miles per galloon). If you wanted a dream car, what will it be and how will it benefit you?

Manchester United – Sir Alex, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes


As you may know I’m a Manchester United fan since a young age; I’ve watched many games of Manchester United as well going to the stadium. Manchester United (also known as the “Red Devils”) has been around since the 1890’s known back then as Newtown Heath. Since the early 1900’s, Newton Heath were in the brink of bankruptcy till John Henry Davies came and saved the club and changed the clubs name to Manchester United. Since then Manchester United is a world renown football club which is established to one of the best football clubs of all times, past/present.

Sir Alex Ferguson has been around this football club for around 27 years and counting, he’s the longest serving manager to manage a top-flight football club for a long period time. He built a team which had long wait for the Division one trophy (known now as the Premiership Trophy) in 1992 which the team won. Sir Alex since then has made the club into a bigger, stronger team which opponents are afraid to verse. He has had a stand in Old Trafford named after him for his services for over 25 years for the football club.

Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs are the longest servicing players to play for Old Trafford. Paul Scholes who joined Manchester United football club in 1988 has made a significant impact for the club. He is a deep lying midfielder who plays center midfield and loves to dictate on how the game is going to be played on his terms. He did retire in 2012 but came out of retirement to help the club in need when most of the players were injured. Ryan Giggs who was spotted by a scout who Giggs was playing in the streets took him to Manchester City (Manchester United biggest rivals) for training to see if he can get into the club, as Manchester City took long to sign him (One day later) Manchester United representatives went to Ryans Giggs house on his birthday and Giggs signed for Manchester United right under the noses of City who to this day regret not signing him straight away.

Blackberry Z10, What happened?


Blackberry newest intervention ended in disaster. The Blackberry Z10 came out a couple of months ago and with its new operation system and was aimed for its fierce rivals such as Apple and Samsung. Apple came out with iPhone 5, Samsung came out with S3 and blackberry had been delayed its launch due to little bugs found in some applications.

When it launch period came for Blackberry Z10, there was already concerns with its advertisement of the phone as the advertisement only shown the phone for a brief period as the rest of the content was not based on the phone. However the phone itself is stylish and with its email facility and its instant messaging, makes the phone attractive.

In terms of sales, it did fairly poorly as most of us know. When users bought the phone, some had returned it within days as applications were not set up properly or there were little or few applications. This meant customers who did return the phone went to Blackberry’s rivals Apple or Samsung.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this matter?

SimCity 5


This is SimCity. The launch of this game caused severe havoc to millions of users who bought the game? The reason? Well when EA launched the beta version back in February, it was a success in terms of users who were able to play this game as there were little bugs in the beta version. However not many people played the beta version and therefore EA didn’t think many users will play the game, which at the end didn’t put many servers for the game as this game is only allowed to played online.

When the game got launched late April/early March, millions of users had bought the game but were disappointed to find out there were many problems. The problem all started with the beta version as many people didn’t play it, EA thought that not many servers were required to set up, however this was wrong as; firstly the game took at least 30 minutes to load up with the tutorial which took up to an additional 30 minutes; secondly connecting to the servers took at least a good hour and a half which frustrated users who wish to play the game; last problem is that when you get disconnected from the serve, you weren’t able to go to the same server and the city you built will be gone and had to reconnect to another server.

EA did get this launch wrong and as a result Amazon did take the game off its shelves for a week and then put it back up as EA had fixed the problems. Since then there have been less reports of faults and the game as been running smoothly. To find out more, click on the link and read the forums and weblogs of Simcity. The link is

What is Holi? Why Celebrate it?



Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated by many people who follow the Hinduism or people who want to have fun. Holi meaning festival of colours is enjoyed my many and the excitement which is leads to this day ensures everyone goes home happy, stained and looking like a rainbow.


People apply colour to other people as a gesture of good will. Some will spare water on others, some will set of colour balls on others to ensure they get the other person.


To read more about Holi, click on the following link Holi