Does Love Exist…?

Vidhya and Pratu


Love is an interesting topic… As there are four types of love such as affection, friendship, romance and unconditional love. All have a different meaning and all different from each other. The main type of love I’ll be focusing on is Romance with a hint of friendship and affection. As you see in a the picture, it isn’t any ordinary couple kissing which can be found on google, but it’s my youngest sister who means a lot to me; this type of love is called affection as she’s like a sister to me. Me and her are not even blood related but regardless of that I treat her as my own blood sister which I don’t have and she treats me like a big brother which she doesn’t have. I know her since August 2011 through someone and since then we clicked like a brother and sister. We never have fought with one and other, we have made each other upset at least twice or less over the period of time we known each other and for me, I believe without her I don’t know where I will be; I owe her a lot…

Romance can’t be bought with money, it happens naturally between a couple. For me love as been against me as nothing last for me… But that doesn’t mean it is the end of the world, you keep on going trying to find the right one don’t you? My sis has been in a relationship for over 1 year 5 months and they’re going stronger then ever. Even though her parents don’t approve of her being in a relationship at this stage as she should be focusing on education, you can’t stop someone being with the person who makes their world now can you? If you’ve family who are not understandable and don’t get what love, it doesn’t mean you break up with the person you love for the sake of your family, you should continue being with the person you love as you never know what can happen tomorrow now can you?

Religion, family, people shouldn’t get involved in your relationship as it messes things up which can lead to a break up. Now breaks up as we know how bad they’re and the consequences of it. If you don’t know how it is, I highly recommend not to get in a relationship otherwise you’ll get hurt really badly. Breaking up with the person you love is like being stabbed in the heart, betrayed, lied too and so on.. It’s not a good feeling and then you’ve the memories which don’t help at all if you’re moving on. Just be careful what you do, if you’re going out with someone or planning to, ask that person what are there parents view because if they don’t approve and you guys still go out and end up getting caught.. I don’t think you want a drama scene… Trust me I’ve been there, it has happened to me (as they say a Bollywood scene, for those of you who understand it).. Just be careful, make sure parents, friends and most of all you; are happy with the person. Love isn’t a feeling you can turn off… It’s a game which can never be turned off.



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