Driving at night…



Driving at night requires a lot of concentration as anything can happen. I just came back from seeing my good friends from North London and believe me it was a journey which literally has done my head in. I don’t like driving at night as it requires me to have full attention on the roads as anything can pop out, for example foxes, people who are idiots crossing the road when they shouldn’t which makes drivers do an emergency break; which the consequences of doing that may lead into an accident for the driver, vehicle behind the driver or even the pedestrian crossing the road.

Some drivers like to drive in the night as there are less cars and less people when they’re more focused on the roads then they usually are makes them tired. Motorway agency have a saying “tiredness can kill, take a break” which most seem to ignore that; thinking they can complete the whole journey without getting into an accident. Well they’re wrong as if you’re tired, you lose concentration, your awareness is severely lacking and more. Hence why you should be careful whilst driving in the night, if you want to continue driving do so but have some sort of an energy drink to keep away and pull over once a while and have stretch. YOUR life or others isn’t the risk of losing; so why put yourself in danger?


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