When will summer come?


So far, the weather has been miserable and cold which many of us know. We all want summer to come to get rid of the bitter weather but is it worth it? Some prefer the cold as you don’t sweat as much as you do in the summer. Some prefer the summer because you will be kept warm. For me personally I prefer a bit of both of the weather combination as I won’t be as cold as I’m in the Winter nor warm as I will be in the summer.

In the Easter holidays I’m sure most have runaway to countries which have the hot weather to escape cold bitterly United Kingdom. If I had the choice to go to a holiday to escape the cold weather, personally I would want to go to Spain, America, Italy, Portugal or India. These countries are known to have warm temperatures most of the year which will benefit those who prefer the hot weather to cold. If you had a choice of country to go to escape the cold or hot weather, where would you go?



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