Eastenders has been the one of the longest running shows in British Television history. It was first aired since 1985 and has been one of the top rating shows in the UK. I have been watching this show since a very young age and this show has taught me a lot. What this show has taught be that you shouldn’t keep lies from those who you love the most has it will hurt them if they find out at the end, also it has taught me if you ever have an affair you’ll always end up being caught and so on. This show has many casts which has come and gone, but one family which is well known in Eastenders is the Mitchells. Peggy, Grant, Phillip, Ben, Billy and so on are part of the Mitchell family.

Eastenders for me is funny, has a message sending across to viewers, upsetting and just an enjoyable show. When events happens such as someone leaving the show or dying, the show puts in a hour episode to allow the users know something is happening. Currently what  is happening in the show is Alfie is filling for a divorce with Kat, Phillip is looking after Lola’s baby, Billy and Ian are trying to find a lady with Ian having more luck, there’s a gang involved which Liam is involved in. Many people don’t like Eastenders for several reasons but I’m sure people like shows which other people don’t, if you’ve any views on Eastenders please feel free to leave any comments.


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