Does Love Exist…?

Vidhya and Pratu


Love is an interesting topic… As there are four types of love such as affection, friendship, romance and unconditional love. All have a different meaning and all different from each other. The main type of love I’ll be focusing on is Romance with a hint of friendship and affection. As you see in a the picture, it isn’t any ordinary couple kissing which can be found on google, but it’s my youngest sister who means a lot to me; this type of love is called affection as she’s like a sister to me. Me and her are not even blood related but regardless of that I treat her as my own blood sister which I don’t have and she treats me like a big brother which she doesn’t have. I know her since August 2011 through someone and since then we clicked like a brother and sister. We never have fought with one and other, we have made each other upset at least twice or less over the period of time we known each other and for me, I believe without her I don’t know where I will be; I owe her a lot…

Romance can’t be bought with money, it happens naturally between a couple. For me love as been against me as nothing last for me… But that doesn’t mean it is the end of the world, you keep on going trying to find the right one don’t you? My sis has been in a relationship for over 1 year 5 months and they’re going stronger then ever. Even though her parents don’t approve of her being in a relationship at this stage as she should be focusing on education, you can’t stop someone being with the person who makes their world now can you? If you’ve family who are not understandable and don’t get what love, it doesn’t mean you break up with the person you love for the sake of your family, you should continue being with the person you love as you never know what can happen tomorrow now can you?

Religion, family, people shouldn’t get involved in your relationship as it messes things up which can lead to a break up. Now breaks up as we know how bad they’re and the consequences of it. If you don’t know how it is, I highly recommend not to get in a relationship otherwise you’ll get hurt really badly. Breaking up with the person you love is like being stabbed in the heart, betrayed, lied too and so on.. It’s not a good feeling and then you’ve the memories which don’t help at all if you’re moving on. Just be careful what you do, if you’re going out with someone or planning to, ask that person what are there parents view because if they don’t approve and you guys still go out and end up getting caught.. I don’t think you want a drama scene… Trust me I’ve been there, it has happened to me (as they say a Bollywood scene, for those of you who understand it).. Just be careful, make sure parents, friends and most of all you; are happy with the person. Love isn’t a feeling you can turn off… It’s a game which can never be turned off.






You read it, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be releasing on the Tuesday 17th September 2013. Many GTA lovers have been anticipating for this game to be released. It has been a good couple of years since the last GTA has been released; which the game has been delayed of its launched a couple of times.

What to expect from this game is that you can play multiple characters which all have a different ending to the game therefore it makes the game more interesting. Rockstar are using their latest game technology to allow the game play to be realistic as possible. It is set in the present days and the theme for this game is all about money. This should be interesting as there are hidden places within the game play which have not been revealed. To be honest I can’t wait for this game to be released, its been a long time coming and as GTA fan, can’t wait!


easter jigar

Is that time of year where children are on holiday due to Easter and I do say it has been so far a fascinating Easter! Easter is a Christian Festival and holiday for all to celebrate Jesus’s Resurrection. However in this holiday people are given Easter eggs to eat, to add to their collection or even go for an Easter Egg hunt.

Easter is a time where family get together and enjoy the holidays, go for a holiday, see family or more. For me its about being with Family and Friends. Today I went to Northwick Park to celebrate Holi with fellow Universities and mates. I had a really good time (see the picture below). My whole face was covered with colour and I had a brilliant time spending with some of my closest friends. With Easter there was no Easter Egg, however the feeling being surrounded by close ones made me forget about having chocolate.

Me, Holi

Driving at night…



Driving at night requires a lot of concentration as anything can happen. I just came back from seeing my good friends from North London and believe me it was a journey which literally has done my head in. I don’t like driving at night as it requires me to have full attention on the roads as anything can pop out, for example foxes, people who are idiots crossing the road when they shouldn’t which makes drivers do an emergency break; which the consequences of doing that may lead into an accident for the driver, vehicle behind the driver or even the pedestrian crossing the road.

Some drivers like to drive in the night as there are less cars and less people when they’re more focused on the roads then they usually are makes them tired. Motorway agency have a saying “tiredness can kill, take a break” which most seem to ignore that; thinking they can complete the whole journey without getting into an accident. Well they’re wrong as if you’re tired, you lose concentration, your awareness is severely lacking and more. Hence why you should be careful whilst driving in the night, if you want to continue driving do so but have some sort of an energy drink to keep away and pull over once a while and have stretch. YOUR life or others isn’t the risk of losing; so why put yourself in danger?

Zombies… Will they exist ever?


You see movies, shows, stories and people’s tale about Zombies and how they exist or will exist in the future, the question is will they ever? As you know shows and movies like The Walking Dead and 28 days later give an indication about an infection spreading around causing severe havoc which leads to loss of billions of life’s. Shows and movies which show zombies tell us how our lives will be what we need to do survive.

However these shows clearly tells us there’s no cure and that everyone is infected with a disease within us. So what will we do if this ever happens? Fight against our own? Unite with our own and fought the zombies? Time will tell, stay safe, be alert, who knows what can happen tomorrow.




Eastenders has been the one of the longest running shows in British Television history. It was first aired since 1985 and has been one of the top rating shows in the UK. I have been watching this show since a very young age and this show has taught me a lot. What this show has taught be that you shouldn’t keep lies from those who you love the most has it will hurt them if they find out at the end, also it has taught me if you ever have an affair you’ll always end up being caught and so on. This show has many casts which has come and gone, but one family which is well known in Eastenders is the Mitchells. Peggy, Grant, Phillip, Ben, Billy and so on are part of the Mitchell family.

Eastenders for me is funny, has a message sending across to viewers, upsetting and just an enjoyable show. When events happens such as someone leaving the show or dying, the show puts in a hour episode to allow the users know something is happening. Currently what  is happening in the show is Alfie is filling for a divorce with Kat, Phillip is looking after Lola’s baby, Billy and Ian are trying to find a lady with Ian having more luck, there’s a gang involved which Liam is involved in. Many people don’t like Eastenders for several reasons but I’m sure people like shows which other people don’t, if you’ve any views on Eastenders please feel free to leave any comments.

When will summer come?


So far, the weather has been miserable and cold which many of us know. We all want summer to come to get rid of the bitter weather but is it worth it? Some prefer the cold as you don’t sweat as much as you do in the summer. Some prefer the summer because you will be kept warm. For me personally I prefer a bit of both of the weather combination as I won’t be as cold as I’m in the Winter nor warm as I will be in the summer.

In the Easter holidays I’m sure most have runaway to countries which have the hot weather to escape cold bitterly United Kingdom. If I had the choice to go to a holiday to escape the cold weather, personally I would want to go to Spain, America, Italy, Portugal or India. These countries are known to have warm temperatures most of the year which will benefit those who prefer the hot weather to cold. If you had a choice of country to go to escape the cold or hot weather, where would you go?